FBXoMap – A solution between Mixamo FBX to High Fidelity

If you export an avatar from “Adobe Fuse / Mixamo” as a .fbx file with the goal to make a “High Fidelity” avatar, you will notice some issues. The eyelashes appear as ugly black shapes, the hair has lost their transparency, the nostrils are practically glowing.
Editing this fbx in Blender is also quite an adventure where the result is most of the time ending with a degradation of the rigging.

This is why I coded FBXoMap, a tool able to convert your fbx as a non-embedded fbx, to give you access to the textures in order to edit them in Photoshop or Gimp. Having the fbx with the texture not embedded allow you to fix at least the glowing nostrils issue, and make possible another level of customization that you can’t do in Fuse. (Like adding your own logo on your shirt.)

FBXoMap has also an option to remove completely the eyelashes from the fbx, without affect the rigging. It doesn’t solve the transparency of the hair, but it can make you save a lot of time to get a decent avatar.

FBXoMap can:

  • Convert: FBX (embedded) BINARY to FBX (non-embedded) BINARY
  • Convert: FBX BINARY to FBX ASCII (non-embedded), FBX ASCII to FBX BINARY (non-embedded)
  • Convert: Remove the “Eyelashes” geometry from a “Mixamo FBX”.

You can download it here: FBXoMap

Installation: Just unzip it where you want, and launch FBXoMap.exe to use it. (There is no installer, just a zip file.)