Play music on your High Fidelity domain.

Many people want to have music playing on their High Fidelity domain. But the options are limited for this. HF supports WAV sound, but you need to host the files and assume the bandwidth of relatively heavy files for every visitor. Another option is to use a Web entity. It’s possible to play a stream if this one is encoded in OGG Vorbis. But unless you want to be yourself the DJ and broadcast using “icecast” the choice is limited. (Vorbis stream being not the most popular) Youtube would be definitely the infinite source of music we would like, but here too there is an issue, your visitors don’t hear the track at the same time depending on when they join.

This is why I build Musync, a music scheduler able to play music synchronously to all the people present on your domain.

Musync is coded in PHP, and it supports:

  • Youtube (track with a duration of at least 1h)
  • Icecast (ogg vorbis) (streaming)


You can schedule the music for each hour over a full week. You can also schedule special events without losing your default schedule.

You can download the PHP code here and install it on your own website:


You will find in the file “config.php” the setting to set up the password to protect the edition of your schedule

You can set up the default schedule by accessing the page “defaultScheduler.php“.

You can set up the special event schedule by accessing the page “eventScheduler.php“.

The player is on the main page “index.php” (this is the hyperlink you must use for the web entity in HF)


Have fun!