Chat with your Second Life’s friends from High Fidelity

Having left a bit my Second Life’s friends behind to jump in High Fidelity, I recently tried to establish a direct communication channel between the two products. So I put on a paper some key requirements to build a chat system able to be used from both sides:

  • I wanted something easy to use, open and text, without having to enter any password.
  • But I wanted the thing secure enough to prevent anybody to break the privacy of the communication.
    (Let’s say, normal people, maybe not the N.S.A.)
  • I wanted to be able to get notified when I get new messages.
  • I wanted to be able to keep the contacts I want.
  • I wanted to be able to know if those contacts are currently online.

So I coded:

  • A web-based solution called: HFSLchat
    (Yeah, I know… it’s a very original name. Up to you to call that HFSLC if you want 😉 )
  • High Fidelity app.
  • And a Second Life hub.


Finally, I realized that have coded an Instant Message system usable also between the High Fidelity’s users.
For sure it works for me, I’m now able to talk with my Second Life’s friends while I’m on High Fidelity, even in HMD.



For the interested people, you can get the High Fidelity Script or the Second Life Hub here: