FBXoMap 2: Plug the Transparency on the Diffuse map without open Blender.

I just released a new version of the FBXoMap tool. This time, I included an option to connects correctly the material to use the transparency from the Alpha channel of the “Diffuse” map.

As you have certainly noticed, the FBX generated by Adobe Fuse / Mixamo come with an “Opacity” map that is not supported in High Fidelity. This is what this option is fixing, giving you full control on the transparency simply by editing the “Diffuse” map texture.

This option is replacing the “Remove eyelashes” option that wasn’t working with all the model from Adobe Fuse. With this new option, you only have to make a hole in you texture to remove the eyelashes.


You can download FBXoMap2 (for Windows only) here: Download FBXoMap2


The Flow…

Here’s the current flow I use to create my avatar from Adobe Fuse / Mixamo without having to edit them in a 3D tool like Blender.


Still difficult with hair…

If you plan to try to use the existing “Opacity” map to use it to add the alpha channel to your “Diffuse” map, you will still hit 2 issues:

1- High Fidelity is handling the transparency a bit weirdly. It will work fine if you have only 0% and 100% transparency. But if you have one pixel whit the alpha that is not 0% or 100%, it will apply the average transparency to the entire map, wasting a bit everything. So you need to rework you diffuse map a lot wisely if you want to get a good effect.

2- Even If you are able to fixe the issue 1, you will get an ugly white edge on the border of the 100% transparent area. If you want to solve that, you can add a diffuse color at the material level, this will mask that issue. But this trick won’t work for eyelashes as you don’t want to tint the entire body. So better forget the eyelashes completely. Personally, convert the FBX in ASCII and I edit the material diffuse color manually before reconverting it in Binary.


It seems complicated, but once you have figured how, it’s overall faster than edit it in Blender for each new outfit you make.

Good luck. 😉