Simple visitor tracker for your High Fidelity domain.

If you have a domain and want to have metric about the traffic on it.
If you have access to a PHP web server, here’s a simple solution.

You can download the template here:


  1. Download the file:
  2. Edit the file “viewer.php“, you have 2 variable to configure in the top of the script, to indicate your High Fidelity username and the Name of your Domain.
  3. Edit the file “visitor.js“, you will have to set the URL of your website at 2 places in the code (make sure you put the correct path to lead page in the visitor folder)
  4. Upload the “visitor” folder on your PHP website. (the folder contains 3 files: visitor.js, index.php. viewer.php)
  5. In High Fidelity, put the URL of the “visitor.js” script in the “Script” field of the “Zone” entity of your choice.


Once done, when a visitor enters or leaves the “Zone” entity, this will log an entry that will be saved on the website.

To see the report, simply go to the page “viewer.php”


This one track the Arrival and the Departure.

This way you can let you go to the depression seeing how many people stay less than one minute. 🙂